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Summer has passed and I miss the sun and the days I spent on the beach. Summer is one of my favorite season, that’s why I miss the moments when I was in vacation.  What I also love about summer is the inflatable water ball.

You can enter in a huge ball and walk on the water, the sensation is absolutely outstanding. It is a very interesting way to spend time in the summer and to burn calories. I even think to buy for me and my family some water balls for having fun together.

If you haven’t tried an inflatable water ball, you don’t have to miss this the body zorb.


You can play body zorb anytime of the year with your friends. There are may play grounds, where you can play bubble football. If you do not have a bubble football ground you can buy inflatable balls from here. Bubble football is very safe, because your superior part of your body stays in a huge balls which will protect your body from shocks and damages. Playing bubble football is a fun way of spending your spare time, and you can also lose weight and feel very positive. It is well known the importance of practicing sports in our lives. Some people hate to make sports, but when everything can be so funny, practicing bubble football is the perfect choice when you want both fun and sport. You can see how interesting is the bubble football from the video above.

Because winter is coming soon, I can’t wait the moment when we’ll go in vacation in the mountains and we’ll have a lot of fun with the zorb ball. It is very safe do not worry the plastic is very soft, just like a hamster ball. Me and my husband love this zorb ball, and even our son but he has to grow a little bit larger to use this.


I found out that the inflatable balls are made from PVC of very good quality and you will be safe while playing bubble football or even water inflatable games. I even think that in the future I can open a playground where people can come and rent inflatable balls to play football with their friends. I can develop a business and I even found all I need on Inflatable Zone which is perfect because I do not need to search on dozen of sites to find all the things I want for my bubble football playground.

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