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Summer has passed to quickly and I really miss the moments when I spent the time under the sun on the beach or poll. But unfortunately, autumn has come and although I love summer, autumn is also one of my favorite period, because it coincides with my birthday.

As soon as a new season starts, we have to change a little bit our wardrobe, that is why I took a look on the web and I found some interesting jackets here on http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Jackets-100584/

I am looking for wholesale women jackets at an affordable price but also of very good quality. Autumn is here so I need a new jacket and some jeans. I will show you some nice jackets and jeans from tidestore.

This jacket above is one of my favorite from tidestore. It is a casual piece which will give you comfort during the whole day, and I guess that it is very cozy as well.


Trendy Fake Two Pieces Removable Cap Zipper Sweater Jacket


I also love colorful clothes, that’s why I would love this jacket which is perfect in this season in the cold mornings of  nights of autumn.


Multiple-Color Sleeveless Women Down Jacket

This is also a very interesting jacket and I will wear it for sure, because it is a very nice color and the design is very modern and chic.

Chic Long Sleeve Hooded Jacket

I also found interesting jeans on http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Jeans-100048/ . I also need some pairs of womens cheap jeans online, you never have too many, and they are perfect in this cold season.


Slim Holes Spandex High-Waist Zipper Jeans

I do not not know which model to choose from these 2 pairs of jeans because I love them both and they are also at a very affordable price.

Beautiful Skinny Jeans with Patches




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