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Hello, my dear ladies! We are in full winter here, but I am dreaming about summer. Why?

You may say I am a dreamer but I suppose I am not the only one. I love summer and spring these two seasons are my favorite. I do not like cold weather, and I am tired of the weather outside, I hope warm, sunny days will come soon.

Because I am dreaming about summer, I was thinking to take a look over the sales on bikini. It is not never too soon to order what you need for the summer, because you can find very good prices in this period of the year.

And because I love light clothes, how about a kimono?  They can be wear in different combination and they are still n the trend. Probably when you think about a kimono, you imagine a Japanese traditional suit, but the actual fashion designers created interesting kimonos of course inspired from the Asian culture.

I will show you some of my favorite kimonos from StyleWe, one of my favorite online sites where you can find stylish outfits for you.

I love bright colors, that is why I found very attractive this Red Batwing Abstract Polyester Kimono. It can be wore with jeans, or you can even take it to the beach over the swimming suit.

I also love this Black 3/4 Sleeve Embroidered Floral Kimono is very appropriate to the imagine of the Japanese kimono.


This Blue Resort Abstract Polyester H-line Kimono also caught my attention, so if you like it I invite you to discover more beautiful clothes on StyleWe.




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