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Hello, my dear ladies! Although outside it is raining, the weather outside shouldn’t make us feel nostalgic. I love rainy days in the week-end because in this way I have time for my projects.


When it rains I do not have to go out with my boy outside in the park, so I have more time for me. A friend of mine asked me to help her in finding the perfect wedding dress. Because I have some free time, I will search on the internet to help her find nice dresses.

I know from my experience that it is very hard to decide what dress to choose for that special day. I also spent a lot of time to find the wedding dress of my dreams. Luckily for me I bought my wedding dress from Amandadress.com.au because here I found many models and designs. My friend whats a light dress because she will have the ceremony on a beach, that is why I will help her to choose her dress.

It is very romantic to have a wedding ceremony on the beach, it was also my dream, but who knows maybe we will celebrate our silver or golden wedding on the beach.

You can find here beach wedding dresses in Australia

There are many beach wedding dresses on the site, my friend for sure will choose one. The dress above is my favorite one, because it is simple, but also very chic. What do you think about this dress?

Strapless Beach Ruffles Floor-Length Chic & Modern Zipper-up Natural Hourglass Wedding Dress





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