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Autumn is here, soon will come winter, and I can’t believe how fast the time is passing.  I am aware we have to make time for those things that matter, and of course for the people who are part of our soul, and in this way we can maintain the balance in our live.

One of the things I love is writing on my blog. Another hobby of mine is online shopping. It is easier to make shops online, you gain time, that is why today I want to present you my favorite items from Gamiss.

This blue coat is very nice and will make you fell warm during the cold outside. I love the faux fur during the neck, the color is also appropriate for my taste, so I think I will order it. The price is also affordable, around 15$.

I am sure all women have all types of shoes in their closet. I prefer comfortable shoes, so these flat shoes are perfect for walking. The color is suitable to accesorize with many clothes, so they are a must have item during the rainy days. The price is very low, around 15$.

Wingtip Patent Leather Lace Up Flat Shoes - BLACK 35

This pink blazer above is gorgeous, I have this blazer on white, and I am looking for a long time to buy another color. The blazer is an elegant item, and it is appropriate for office or to be wear at different formal events.

Slim Fit Bowknot Blazer - TUTTI FRUTTI M

If it is cold outside you will need a sweater. It is very hard to decide at one, when there are so many choices, wheater you choose a black or red one, it is important to wear them during the cold days.

Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Solid Color Sweater - DEEP BLUE S

It is hard to decide which one is my favorite item from my wishlist, I am very curious to find out which is your favorite from Gamiss. For other nice items you can take a look on the site.



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