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Women are eager to change themselves everyday, starting from makeup, to clothes and hair. We live in a very exposing society and the way we look can make us feel appreciated and can raise our self confidence. It is important to look great, but we do not have to do this for other but for us.

I know that many women are addicted to beauty and fashion and invest a lot of money in makeups and clothes, and hair. How about changing your hair without coloring it by using this wig above.

【Wigs】Synthetic Wigs Straight #1b/4503 Ombre Color Lace Front Wig

Ombre Color Lace Front Wig

How can you look different every day?

Well, it is not to hard.

1.TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR– don’t forget to cut it every month, and if you color your hair, try to use products which are not so dangerous for your hair. If you love colors and you are afraid of the effect of cream colors on your hair you can buy a wig or hair extensions. You can find here on www.addcolo.com. It is very easy to look different every day by using something chic which will not affect your hair.

I really like this ombre color extension. Don’t forget purple is the color of this year.

【Addcolo 10A】U Tip Hair Extensions Brazilian Hair #613/purple Ombre Color

Purple Ombre Hair Extensions


2. CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES– you do not have to buy to many clothes but you can buy some central items and mix them. For example a blouse can be used with a skirt, jeans or pants. Pants are also very versatile and can help you feel very feminine. Try to buy quality clothes from organic materials which will make you fell comfortable.

3.SHOES– can make your look different every day, so it is important to have some pairs for different styles and occasions. In so many colors and styles, shoes can transform any woman in a real modern Cinderella.

4.ACCESSORIES– bags and jewelry can sometime become the central piece of your outfit, because they are the touch which can transform a dull outfit into a chic one.

5. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY AND MIND– use some good products for your skin and body. Buy an expensive perfume, I am sure it will make you feel special and spoiled. Practicing a sport will make you feel better inside and outside.

I am sure there are many ways to make you fell different and special every day, please send me your ideas below!



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