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Today we are talking about boho style. The term boho comes from the English word bohemian which is a nonconformist, free style inspired from the ’70.

You can mix elements from different areas folk, gypsy, ethnic or vintage and you will have an unique boho look. This style oofers you the freedom to combine different items, accessories which together will look great. There are many boho items you can wear like blouses, jeans, but my favorite remain bohemian dresses.

How you can recognize a boho dress? The style is very comfortable one, and it usually uses floral or ethnic patterns.

I love the style of this floral boho dress which will look great on anyone.

Boho maxi dresses are also one of my favorite, because they offer you the comfort you need during the summer, and it will also make you look great.


What I love about boho style it is innovation. You can create different patterns inspired from our modern ages mixed with traditions and you will have a beautiful floral tank sleeveless boho dress like the one above.

When you say Boho you say freedom, that is why this open back floral print bohemian dress is a very versatile item. You can use it while going to the beach, during the shopping or even going out to a restaurant.



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