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Hello, my dear! Because spring is here, it is essential to refresh your wardrobe. Every fashionista loves shopping, this is why I will show some beautiful items from Selaros . These shouldn’t miss your wardrobe.

It is spring so you need some beautiful dresses. How about some cheap bodycon dresses  which will look great on you, but also you will not spend a lot of money on them?

It is warm outside, a burst of colors is all around you so you can wear bright colors. Red, green or yellow are dynamic colors which will change instantly your mood and make you feel beautiful inside and outside.

Asymmetric Neck Plain Blend Bodycon Dress

I love elegant dresses, because women should be classy and gorgeous all the time. You cannot be overdressed with a elegant dress, because style is unique, and imagination is our own limit.

Round Neck Brocade Bodycon Dress

Besides dresses you should have some  fashion shoes for women . I love colors, so some red shoes will be just perfect for this season.

Plain High Heeled Velvet Ankle Strap Peep Toe Date Office Sandals
Plain Chunky High Heeled Peep Toe Casual Date Sandals

I also saw these casual shoes which are perfect when you do not want something elegant, and you prefer comfort. These shoes are perfect for shopping, when you go in the park.

Do not forget to feel great inside and outside, take care of your soul, but also of the way you look. Beauty comes from inside and it continues with the way you dress, act or behave.



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