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Bonnets are now available in the form of wide-ranging headdresses in online stores. These bonnets are tied under the chin with a string and can be used for many purposes such as for keeping hair tidy and in place, to protect hair from sun and wind or to even complement an outfit.

Garden Series Flower Printed White Lace Pink Lolita Bonnet

One of the most darling accessories of all time is this Garden Series Flower Printed Lolita Bonnet.  The brim of this bonnet width is about 12 centimeter and is available in pink color. This floral bonnet will take the gradeof your outfit to another level.  This product is made from beautiful and breathtaking vintage floral fabric cotton, taffeta, and includes cotton lace as well.  When you buy this bonnet, you will surely be amazed by the burst of lovely white pink, white and other floral colors over a stunning teal background. This headdresses was made with full heart while keeping warm earthy colors as the basic inspiration. You can sit by the fire with your pair of cozy, woolen socks, the comfort of this bonnet hat and some baked goods by your side.  This collection is not just very humble; it is very sweet and has been crafted with affection and warmth. This season, having this headdresses is a must for every fashionista.

You can easily order this hat from the link given below: https://www.lolitain.com/garden-series-flower-printed-white-lace-pink-lolita-bonnet-p-6348.html?search=bonnet

Moon Wolf Red and Black Lace Gothic Lolita Bonnet

As known by everyone, gothic fashion is characterized by dark and morbid style fashion. But, this gothic bonnet is sure to change everyone’s mind about this reasoning.  This bonnet is made from moon wolf print cloth and slobbed fabric. It features a chiffon lace, a striped ribbon, an artificial flower, hairpin, hollow out-cross, and an artificial pair of wolf’s ear and the tape of the wolf’s ears. With a Bongrace width of 12 cm, it can be purchased in black and red color. This lolita hairpincan be regarded as a combination of Lolita fashions and gothic culture. This type of fashion can be conveyed with dark makeup and dark clothing. You can make your eyes a little smoky, put on a neatly defined red lipstick and use black eyeliner to enhance your eyes and be sure to stand in the crowd. Lolita fashion when joined with gothic approach lad to the origination of an overall fairly natural look which means there is no pale skin or white powdered face involved while still swaying the look.

You can easily order this hat from the link given below: https://www.lolitain.com/moon-wolf-red-and-black-lace-gothic-lolita-bonnet-p-6180.html?search=bonnet

Palace Style Lace Ribbon Gothic Lolita Bonnet

This bonnet is an amazing addition to the gothic style industry. With the availability of black and blue color, this bonnet style is charting the trends of gothic street style and has swept all the other bonnet styles form the registers.  This headdress is manufactured from the inspirations from western fashion trends where the design is kept simple resembling to the ones from the mid-1980s era.  Young teenagers and fashionable adults love to dress in costumes complimentary to this bonnet. This bonnet, in particular, is a combination of black/blue and white colors and has been ornamented with a classic lace.  In other versions, ribbons and lace trims are also present. This bonnet works very well if your costume is a knee length skirt, over-knee socks, and a petticoat. You can complement the entire look with high-heel boots, dark eyeliner, and red/black lipstick.   Though dressing yourself up in a gothic fashion can be a bit challenging but if you study this look thoroughly, you can look magnificent and extraordinary but be sure to choose this hairpin so you can learn the style slowly and feel comfortable with it as well.

You can easily order this hat from the link given below: https://www.lolitain.com/starry-sky-bronzing-constellation-black-gothic-lolita-bonnet-p-6722.html?search=bonnet

Starry Sky Bronzing Constellation Black Gothic Lolita Bonnet

This beautiful black color gothic Lolita headdress features a very small crown and a very wide/ rounded front brim. This brim usually extends farther from your face because it has been designed in a way so when you wear it, your hair is fully contained within this bonnet.  There are many variations to this style as well so you have a wide range of products to choose from. The prominent brim of this bonnet will shade your face and your face will only be seen from the front.  This bonnet is tightly secured by beautiful and delicate ribbons that can be tied under the chin.  If you want to change the look of your bonnet, you can also tie the ribbon around the bottom part of the crown of the bonnet.  this new style of wearing this gothic bonnet is becoming very popular these days, making this panache very modest as well as visibly distinct among others. Due to its uniqueness and stylish appearance, this headdress can be an indication of your social standing and unpretentiousness. The bejeweling of feathers, ribbons, and flowers will make you stand out from the crowd in any outdoor/indoor event and occasion.

You can easily order this bonnet from the link given below: https://www.lolitain.com/swan-bone-series-black-swan-pearl-chain-gothic-lolita-bonnet-p-6346.html?search=bonnet

Swan Bone Series Black Swan Pearl Chain Gothic Lolita Bonnet

The material used in making this beautiful gothic bonnet incudes cow leather, net cloth, net yarn, and herringbone tape. Other accessories that have been included to enhance its elegant look embraces fish-bone, hairpin,hair plug, hollow out-cross, natural freshwater pearls, and alloy chain. This bonnet is available for purchase in black swan color with a 13 cm brim length and 257 cm head yarn length.  This headdress is highly inspired by Victorian clothing from the Rococo period.  This gothic bonnet is casual, classic and sweet and gaining popularity with every passing day.  This swan bone series bonnet features a much extended clip-on veil which supports the attached lace frills. There is a cross ornament present in addition to a bowknot on every side of the bonnet.  Real pearls have been added to enhance the look of this bonnet, making it go very well with any colored hairstyle.

You can easily order this hat from the link given below: https://www.lolitain.com/swan-bone-series-black-swan-pearl-chain-gothic-lolita-bonnet-p-6346.html?search=bonnet



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